Piperlime In America

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These are not enough; usually these girls are exposed to harmful work place. Incidents include serious cuts and hair ripped out because it was caught in the old yarn machine. Fainting during work is not very unusual too, because they are expected to work and stand for ridiculously long hours. Not only that, their superiors did molest some “lucky” girls because as quoted by the former worker, “we would get less work if we slept with them”. Law has been enforced to prevent these things from happening and it is illegal to recruit child workers aged below 14. Yet, these supervisors would still do it in secret and found their way to get away with things. Usually, when the government officers come to inspect the factories, these girls will be placed…show more content…
The fur is usually obtained through methods that would be considered cruel including beating, electrocuting and stepping on their heads and necks. Angora fur that is obtained from Angora rabbits is usually preferred by the manufacturers for being lightweight and silky to the touch. One Angora rabbit farm in China is particularly slammed by the consumers for practicing dirty and inhumane way of obtaining the fur. Each rabbit is put in separate cages and in once in every three months these rabbits will undergo torturous experience where their fur will be plucked or shaved completely to be made into mufflers, earmuffs, and many other Fall and Winter collections. This situation contradicts with the Gap’s statement of “…prohibit the use of angora and real fur in products designed by or manufactured for Gap Inc.…show more content…
Plus-size apparel becomes more popular these days and since this country’s average women size is 14, a growing number of clothing companies are trying to produce more garments of these sizes. Not only it would cater to people’s needs, but also means more profit. However, one of Gap’s divisions, Old Navy, is reported charging extra for its women’s plus-size jeans by huge margin. What more upsetting was, men’s plus-size jeans were priced in the same range as the regular ones, which contrasted from the women’s where the prices were charged higher by $10 to $15. Not only that, the men’s jeans are placed in the same section regardless size on Old Navy’s website, while the women’s are placed in two separate sections – regular section and plus-sized section. This company’s pricing transparency really made customers to question Gap’s integrity. The consumer emphasized that Old Navy was engaged in sexism and sizeism towards women. These issues that we discussed not only hurt Gap’s brand image, but also harm the sales and possibly dropping the stock prices. Even worse, it might cause legal issues between the customers and Gap and some of it might be considered as international matters that have to be preceded to courts overseas. Some of the concerned customers even put up a petition on a website called, a non-profit organization that helps set up campaigns that are usually
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