Pippin The Musical

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Earlier this year I was able to take part in a local production of Pippin the Musical, by the South Coast Coral and Arts Society (SCCAS). SCCAS has been performing in Victor Harbor for over 60 years and have produced many memorable productions, such as the Wizard of Oz, The Sound of Music, Jesus Christ Superstar, and most recently My Fair Lady where I had the pleasure of playing Freddy Eynsford-Hill the main love interest. Winning many local awards and a few state awards SCCAS has proved that they are ready to step up into more complex and dynamic productions. Robert Bell, was very gracious to receive the Adelaide theatre guide award for his performance as Jesus in Jesus Christ Superstar, was determined to bring something fresh, and exciting…show more content…
I came into my audition only auditioning for the ensemble, leaving the audition I ended up receiving the titular role of Pippin. There was also a dance audition, where we were asked to learn the choreography to All that Jazz from the musical Chicago, this was a challenging experience because I have had no professional dance training but I ended up doing very well and responding well to the choreographer and her teachings. This whole process helped me to develop my confidence and social skills. The auditions were the most like professional auditions I’ve ever attended, and therefore allowed me to better understand what the real musical theatre industry is like and give me a taste of what it would be like if I continued onto large productions. I was very lucky to receive the lead role, as I didn’t even audition for it, despite not seeing this at the time. There was a long break between auditions and the beginning of rehearsals, almost three weeks. This seemed like a very long period of time due to not being able to tell any of my fellow cast mates that I had received a…show more content…
I was so intrigued by the powerful score that I learnt some of the songs on piano in my own time. I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to work with professionals and develop my skills. My voice developed a great deal throughout the 10 weeks of Pippin, as did my awareness and respect for all the people that who work with music heavily such as the people in the orchestra and the Musical Director. Music is a skill like any other and the more you work with different types of music the greater understanding you will receive and the more your skills will
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