Pip's Reputation Essay

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In Great Expectations you can argue that Phillip, or Pip as he is commonly known throughout the novel, is not shaped by Mrs Joe although she claims to have raised him “by hand”. This can either mean that she simply raised him herself once their parents died or more likely that due to Pip not having a mother figure, she had to spoon or bottle feed him. It can be said that the fact Mrs Joe raised him, did not affect him as a person as the reason she did this was to gain a good reputation. This is because at the time infant mortality was a lot larger in babies who were brought up in this way and so it can be seen as an achievement that she managed to raise a child like this. However, due to her having a good reputation, it can mean that it will be easy for this to be ruined if Pip is seen to be misbehaving and…show more content…
How society viewed you at the time the novel was set, was very important as typically everyone in a village would know each other in some way and she did not want the reputation she had built up to be ruined. While Pip is asking questions, she tells him how she “didn't bring you up by hand to badger people's lives out. It would be blame to me, and not praise, if I had”. You can argue that she is more concerned about this reputation and how people perceive her than she is about Pip’s happiness. This raises the question of whether Mrs Joe really does love Pip or whether she loves how Pip can provide her with a good reputation. Pip does not turn out like her or act in such a cruel way but you could say that due to being treated in this way growing up, it had made him want to avoid treating others in the same way as he knows first-hand what it is like. However, it can also be argued that Pip, much like Mrs Joe, is concerned with how others perceive him. He wants to appear to be higher in class and also as though he treats others
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