Piracy And Its Effects On Online Piracy

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IV. Piracy & its Effects: Online piracy is another substantial type of a cybercrime. With rapid developments to technology, piracy has become easier and more widespread. Piracy, the act of pirating, is defined as the illegal reproduction, via copying or counterfeiting, of any type of work which includes: software, recordings, or even motion pictures. Although are many ways to pirate material, online piracy is most common. Online piracy uses the internet, and computer technology to illegally reproduce material. There are many detrimental effects of piracy that affects businesses, individuals, and even society. The music industry continues to suffer tremendous loss as a result of online music piracy. A lot of companies in the music industry suffer from online piracy, including: publishers, production studios, record labels, among others (Scholes, 2014). On average, an iPod contains $800 of pirated music (Globe, 2011). A massive 95% of music downloaded online is illegal (Globe, 2011). Over the last decade, music revenue has continued drop. Figure 5.2 shows inflation adjusted sales in the music industry from 1973 to 2013. From 2004 to 2013, there has been an increase in online downloading music tracks. Experts blame overall industry revenue decreases to online piracy (Brown, 2014). Figure 5.2 also shows how CD sales have declined from 1999 to now. In attempt to compensate for a lack of music sales via CDs, and legal downloading, the price of concert tickets have gone up
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