Piracy From The Corporate And Public Side

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However, let’s go past the obvious and look at the underlying aversion to digital piracy that people have. We will look at arguments against piracy from the corporate and public side. The average laymen and the CEO both hate digital piracy, but they do for different reasons.
The main argument against piracy from companies is: pirating makes them lose money. Companies think that if someone finds a movie online for free, they won’t turn around and buy it later. It really comes down to the dollar bills. Arthur De Vany, of the University of California and David Walls, of the University of Calgary conducted a study on the effects that piracy has on revenue. They concluded that for the one movie they studied, “piracy directly destroyed $40 million in box office revenue.” (14). Imagine that amount of money, and even more depending on the movie, coming about of the big hole in company pockets called piracy. It’s no wonder these companies are alarmed.
According to a study by Columbia University’s American Assembly called “Copy Culture,” 45 percent of Americans pirate media; and younger demographics pirate more (Mick 2). In response, some companies have gotten creative and put their media through alternatives such as Spotify for music, Netflix for movies and Steam for games. This makes media cheaper and more accessible, while still giving the companies something to stuff their pockets with. However, others refuse to go through the system and they still pirate entertainment. One…
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