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Piracy Of Copyright

Introduction: The world today has entered into an era of instant communication. A person sitting in the remotest corner of India can enjoy live performance taking place in the far away places like America or Africa, thanks to electronic (parallel) media. Telephone and fax have made it possible to communicate oral or written messages across the globe within seconds. The computer-aided communication technologies such as E-Mail and Internet have added altogether a new dimension to today's communication process by making it more speedy, informative and economical. The ways through which different types of information can be communicated have also undergone a sea change. These days a film song can be put in or accessed
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Copyright and International Relations: The scope of copyright is not confined merely to the arena of creativity and its economic exploitation in the country of its origin. It has emerged as a major factor in international relations. In the recent past, the trade relations between the US and China deteriorated considerably over the issue of protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR). The US maintained that China is the worst violator of IPRs and the loss to the US economy is more than 2 billion dollars annually because of violation of its IPRs in China's territory. The dispute took a serious turn when US trade groups wanted trade relations with China to be stopped completely. It was only after the intervention of the heads of both the countries any further deterioration was averted.

Copyright in India: The copyright in India has travelled a long way since it was introduced during the British rule. The first law on copyright was enacted in the year 1847 by the then Governor General of India. When Copyright Act 1911 came into existence in England, it became automatically applicable to India, being India an integral part of British Raj. This act was in force in the country until after independence when a new copyright act (the Act of
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