Piracy Of The Uk And Us

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Piracy in the UK & US 6. Write about on-line piracy in the UK and the US; what type of property is stolen through on-line piracy and how do courts in the UK and US deal with offences involving on-line piracy? The relevant definition of piracy: The unauthorized use of another 's production, invention, or conception especially in infringement of a copyright. (Merriam-Webster, 2015). But not all infringement of copyright is a criminal offense, the Copyright act states a few specific offences, most of them to do with if the culprit is making a profit or not, but it is a misconception that all copying without consent is illegal, 16(3) (a) in the act states ‘to infringe copyright, copying must be of the whole or a substantial part of the work’…show more content…
This led to the UK ‘decriminalizing’ on-line piracy and instead they implemented an alert system where letters will be sent to anyone suspected of piracy, the letters are non-threatening with no presence of repercussions should they continue. ‘The letters sent to suspected infringers must be "educational" in tone, "promoting an increase in awareness" of legal downloading services.’ ‘A maximum of four alerts - by either email or physical letter - can be sent to an individual customer account. Language will "escalate in severity" - but will not contain threats or talk of consequences for the accused users.’ (Lee, 2014), after these 4 alert nothing else will be done. This statement from the government makes it seem like they have given up on on-line piracy, or they lack the sufficient resources to do anything substantial, their main target is the providers of this illegal service, the distributors and website owners of this easily obtainable free media & software. The makers and distributors of this on-line pirated material if found guilty can be charged as follows: Upon conviction the guilty party will receive a 6 months and/or a £50,000 fine. If their case is gross and multiple offensives have been made repeatedly then the indictment is 10 years and/or a fine (Intellectual property offences, 2014). The US have opted to go for a 6 strike
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