Piracy Trends and Effects

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There is not only one dominated reason describes the trend of increasing in illegal downloading of music. Technology, Human Behavior and no global obligation are the main reasons for this trend which finally effects on different issues (e.g., music market progression, buy CDs). This essay is structured as one reason and possible effects in each paragraph and finally to sum up with conclusion paragraph.

The technology development of computer and communication led to increase the illegal downloading of digital multimedia (e.g. music). In general, there is no change in the behavior of buyers, but starting of internet network and uprising of computerized systems, result in latest rise in piracy. The digital revolution has been one of the most important causes in control of piracy. As the arrival of the digital revolution, it has become not difficult to copy digital information without losing in its features. One more significant cause has been the introduction of the Internet, a commercial Internet protocol that has basically opened the front gate to low cost worldwide sharing. A third facilitator has been the fast growth of high speed internet. Developments in broadband technology have permitted people to upload and download enormous files fast. The existence of these three causes has become a ‘perfect storm’ for illegal downloading. As a result this could considerably destroy market progression and sustainability of companies. (Sudler, 2013).
Another reason for increase the

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