Piracy is A Problem, But the Stop Online Piracy Act is Not An Answer

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The internet is one of the few things in the world that is truly all over the world. Millions use the internet every day for more reasons than one person can think of; to connect with family and friends, find information for a research paper, or to achieve the perfect chicken masala recipe. The internet is made up of a mass expanse of web content and copyright, which is where online piracy comes in. Online piracy is the illegal use or distribution of copyrighted content, such as music, films, and can even include pharmaceuticals. Millions of dollars are ripped off every year from the illegal downloading of just music. In the visual that I have included you will see that America tops the list of music illegally downloaded from…show more content…
The terminology of the act is also too broad and general; it would give the government an unreasonable amount of power over the internet. The law could potentially be manipulated to censor the internet. Those prosecuted for copyright infringement would be given the bare minimum of their due process rights. Websites could potentially be shut for just mentioning something copyrighted or having a link to the copyrighted content. SOPA will put enormous pressure on third party websites to police their forums with an intensity that would eventually cause pandemonium. Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon, a lecturer at the University of Southampton Law School stated in her article about internet intermediaries that “how can one promote freedom of expression while expecting Internet intermediaries to take the initiative to police their systems or networks and in particular to react upon infringements of Intellectual Property (IP) rights.” Youtube reported that 100 hours of videos are uploaded to their site per minute; That is 144,000 hours of video per day. Youtube would not be able to screen all of these videos equal to the rate that they are getting uploaded. Through DMCA sites like Youtube are currently not held liable for what their users upload and share as long as the websites “act as neutral carriers of information and do not restrain freedom of

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