Piracy on International Waters and on the Coast of Somalia

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Most people do not know this but piracy on international waters and on the coast of Somalia has become an increasingly important issue to global businesses. Since most people are unaware of this growing problem it has just now been noticed. To help stop piracy most crews are encouraged to have trained officers aboard while shipping cargo to avoid attacks by pirates. 95 percent of the piracy on international waters is by somali pirates. That’s right 95 percent. Piracy is robbery/stealing at sea. Not a lot of people are aware that piracy occurs almost everyday. When pirates come aboard ships they rarely are looking to kill anyone,they steal cargo and money. Piracy in Somalia is mostly caused because of money-seekers that have threatened their families if the pirates do not do what they ask. Since we have weak laws on piracy there is more of a chance that the likelihood of piracy happening is way higher than ever. Somalia has a big coastline 3,025 km to be exact, this is one of the reasons why it is very common to see a lot of piracy events happen close to Somalia. The other reason is because a lot of big shipping ports come through the Arabian sea. Just recently there was a movie made named Captain Phillips. The movie had to do with Somali pirates and an american captain and his crew. The captain named Richard Phillips was taken hostage by a Somali pirate captain and his crew which had three other people. At the end the captain ends up serving 33 years in an american prison
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