Pistorius And Rehm Character Analysis

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A shark, a boating accident, problems with blood circulation, a train, Afghanistan, frostbite: what is their common thread? These are all reasons as to why some people have lost their limbs. Two of these such people are Oscar Pistorius and Markus Rehm. What makes these two men special though is the fact that they are athletes. Pistorius and Rehm are amputee athletes who perform with prosthetic limbs. Athletes, such as Pistorius and Rehm, have had their achievements questioned and their ability to participate in events such as the Olympics denied because of events they could not control. The only thing standing between them and a spot in the Olympics are the doubts over whether their prosthetics allow them an advantage over able-bodied athletes.…show more content…
Brueggemann did say, though, that this information does not deduce that the prostheses hold an advantage, but that this was a "different kind of locomotion" (Robinson). Also, Alena Grabowski, another researcher from MIT, claims that a wrong conclusion was deduced from the studies about prosthetics. Grabowski and her team studied how six different elite amputee athletes performed with their prosthetics. The research team found out that the ground force for these athletes in their prosthesis-equipped leg was approximately nine percent lower than in their unaffected leg. Therefore, amputees are actually at a disadvantage and must propel their leg faster to make up for the lower ground force (Jha). There are two problems with the research. One, more research (and more conclusive research) needs to be conducted; two, a proper definition of advantage needs to be determined because if Pistorius does receive an advantage, but it is not significant, then what use is it and why does it
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