Pit Bull Descriptive Essay

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As i moved down the street i smiled as the sun beamed down on me. I could hear the school bus behind me leaving as it whooshed away. I looked up so the sun as i walked i spun around because it has been a long day. How could this day get bad i thought? Birds chirping, as i could see my house it was light blue and smelled like fall, i loved fall and the cool air. I went and the aroma of vanilla scent from all the candles then i heard my mom call but i yelled “hi” over her blaring music. Then i saw her painting in my room so i said, “cool but i'm going to feed the dog be back”. I go outside and there is my beauty my lovely golden dog he was a pit bull and he was a good dog i went over to his huge dog cage. I opened it and my lovely puppy galloped up to me and i hugged him and feed him i also brought him inside but then i sat down and fell asleep with my dog on my lap. When i woke up he was gone then my mom walked in so did my grandma she asked if i wanted to go to halys and harleys. I yelled, “yes of course because they were good friends plus i liked there pit bull !” I yelled because of the music still on. Then i got up got dressed and went out side it was almost fully dark it got cooler so i took a jacket walking along the white sidewalk and i could smell fresh mown lawn i passed by my neighbor and said, “hi” she said, “hi and where are you going” she said. I yelled, “going to my friends!” as i walked to my friends. Then there it was a black house and i heard them gaming in
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