Pit Bulls Be Banned, And Euthanized

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Every day in the United States, there are pit bulls be banned, and euthanized. Dog Shelters are overfilled with pit bulls. There are approximately 937 cities in the united states that has some sort of a Breed Restriction legislation. To me this is absurd! People are getting these dogs and are training them to fight. It 's so wrong. Pit bulls are so discriminated against now because how people are training these dogs to fight. Every time I hear about a dog fight or seeing a pit bull chained up makes me really upset. I 'm tired of it. How would those people feel if they were treated like that? I personally love Pit bulls, but some people don 't. I personally own a brindle pit bull named Boosie. I always say how a dog turns out depends on their owner. I had my dog ever since he was a puppy, and I raised him very well. He 's so sweet and loving. I don 't see how people would want to ban pit bulls?

Pit bulls have a lot of history. Pit bulls been bred for human companionship, and since the 1900s, they have been bred for conformation showing as well. Pit bulls have been used as farm dogs, family dogs, military mascots, and all-purpose companions. In England, the Staffie Bull is known as the “The Nanny Dog” or “The Children’s Nursemaid” because of their placid and nurturing demeanor toward children. They say “Regardless of how gentle your dog is, all dogs of any breed should never be left alone unsupervised with children”.Throughout their history in America, pit bull dogs have…

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