Pitch Perfect Analysis

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Culture. That is a word that has a different and everchanging meaning around the world. In America, culture has changed dramatically over time. The book Made in America by Claude S. Fischer, the quote, "America began as an unusually individualistic society—more precisely, a voluntaristic society, [—]and only became more so," describes this change as a deepening of a specific type of society (Fischer, n.d.). A voluntaristic society is a group of people who both believe and behave "as if individuals succeed through fellowship—not in egoistic isolation but in sustaining, voluntary communities"(Fischer, n.d.). In the beginning, different races would be severely oppressed, as would people of different sexual orientation. Also, women had a very specific role in society that was restricting. As time went on, however, these things changed. For people of different races, more opportunities arose, and they began to get treated equally. People of different sexual orientation are also beginning to get accepted in society, and women are now less restricted or stereotyped. The movie Pitch Perfect shows the cultural challenges faced today, primarily in women through body shaming, family constructs, and gender inequality.
The movie Pitch Perfect is about a freshman in college, Beca, who would rather be out DJing than in college, until she discovers that she fits perfectly in a group that she did not originally want to be in. Beca is going to Barden University, and is a more alternative
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