Pitgorm: A Short Story

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Three suns rose on a midsummer’s morning: the real sun with two false suns escorting it through the sky. Sun wolves again, thought Durf. There will be trouble in the dale before day’s end, and it will be mine. The dale his clan called their home, Pitgorm, was a highland alluvial valley as far north and away from civilization as one can get. Pitgorm was nestled between the Gaulaghast Mountains, an arm of the northern Saukahandruns, on the east and the Forbidden Mountains, growing out from under the Saukahandruns, on the west. Snow melt, warmed by the fires within Aerd and the sun, watered the Enchanted Forest—a boreal forest at the foot of the northern mountains—and flowed south forming the Morgbos moor: a dangerous water-soaked quagmire. According…show more content…
Snow glistened in the early morning sun. In places, naked, dark, blue-gray granite stood against ice-blue glaciers. Glaciers that over long years honed ridges razor-sharp and sculpted peaks into glacial horns. Clouds floated between peaks flowing through the high valleys of the mountain range. On the other side of the mountains was a frozen wasteland and possibly the edge of the Aerd. Somewhere in the mountains, rumor had it, there was a gateway to Irkalla. There denizens of the netherworlds sometimes found their way into Aerd. Signs usually accompanied such intrusions—signs like sun wolves. Glacial fingers reached through gaps in the mountains melting into fast-flowing streams. Durf’s eyes traced the fine foam-white lines marking the streams as they cascaded over cliffs or gushed out of crevices and fell into the boreal forest. The Enchanted Forest blanketed the foot of the mountains in deep blueish-green. Somewhere in the forest was a gateway to Faeland. The Faefolk played in the forest and sometimes got up to mischief. Durf felt his stomach knot. Would the trouble come from the Faefolk or the creatures from the netherworlds rumored to be in the forest? What is out of place? What did the sun wolves bring, or what brought the sun wolves? Which brought the other wasn’t clear in his mind. But the sign and evil were…show more content…
I don’t find comfort in the quiet,” said Durf. The ancient land, sacred to the Stonefoot clan, gave him no sign of impending danger—nothing other than the sun wolves. At the edge of his vision, he saw his father, Gaurn, watching him. Gaurn’s dark hair speckled with white was tossed around in the breeze. His bushy dark eyebrows pinched together. He would worry, the sun wolves were there for anyone to see, and he understood what was on his son’s mind. It was on his. “Here comes Faerienway. I’ll get my horse and we can ride to Janden’s,” said Gaurn. Durf was dressed like his father and most Dweorgs: bone colored linen shirt, sheep skin vest, tan leather trousers, and soft leather mid-calf boots, but the resemblance stopped there. Even though Durf had enough years to be a man, he still had the body of a boy. Unlike his father or any adult Dweorg, he was slender and fair with wide-set eyes in a roundish face. This marked him, in the minds of many, as touched by the world of the Faefolk. But, to him, that was superstition and nothing more. He laid the blame for his forever being a child on the sun wolves—and they caused other
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