Pitney Bowes Employer Health Strategy

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Pitney Bowes Pitney Bowes has been providing software, hardware and services that integrate physical and digital communication channels for over ninety years. Pitney Bowes’ innovate mindset has enabled them to not only stay in business, but to evolve and remain a recognized leader in the “flow of physical and digital mail, packages and information to and from organizations and homes, also referred to as mailstream” (Porter & Baron, 2009, p. 1). Pitney Bowes’ commitment to innovation and productivity can be seen in every aspect of the organization, starting with the health and wellness of the employees. This paper will examine Pitney Bowes’ approach and evolution of their innovative and integrated approach to employee health care.…show more content…
10). On face value during the thick of their overhaul one could evaluate the company’s approach as misguided and slightly reckless, a desperate attempt to drive down soaring costs. It is clear now that the research has come back and proven results have been laid down that Pitney Bowes’ approach was a well thought out one executed in a brilliant manner. While it is clear that Pitney Bowes is a pioneer with employee health there are still areas that can be improved as they continue to strive for innovation and improvement. Pitney Bowes has around 12,000 ‘dispersed employees’ based over 600 client sites averaging 39 years of age and who tend to earn a lower income than employees at their corporate facilities. This group of people being dispersed is inherently going to be detached from the culture of health within the organization. This is especially problematic because this group of employees tends to represent the people who need help the most. Critelli explains, “It is critical to our bottom line that we find a way to bring them in to our culture of wellness” (Porter & Baron, 2009, p. 18). You hear that ‘attitude is everything’ from the time you are a child, this is no different in the corporate world. Pitney Bowes’ programs will continue to thrive and the health of

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