Pivot Table: Case Analysis

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Pivot Table Assignment
The Bureau of Labor and Statistics groups the Houston area consumer price index for government expenditures into a 3 counties. Economically, Houston, Galveston, and Brazoria are considered a tri-area index and are placed together into regional operations. Medical care expenditures for the region are reported to have a consumer price index change at 2.1% since 2014. In comparison, HCRIS continues effort to report public information about Healthcare costs and estimates through any hospital or organization that receive financial reimbursement from the department of Health and Human Services. The reports are considered authenticated and an accurate representation of healthcare costs or expenditures within the United States. Institutional providers that receive government reimbursement are required by law to submit their reports to Medicare, or the Medicare reportable contractor. These reports are then compiled and reported in a CSV file for consumer and public analysis.

Evaluation of CMS Payment and Value of Care
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Texas and the 3 counties were selected to mirror the healthcare costs reported to the department of labor and statistics with the average payouts for the reportable CMS metrics. These metrics were utilized to determine cost payouts for each institution within the Houston area. The total claims were calculated using average costs for Heart Attacks, Heart Failures, and Pneumonia patients for each intuition. CMS chose these metrics as an underlying representation of what is actually paid out to the Houston area
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