Pixar Animation Studios : Disney Studios

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Pixar Animation Studios, a company that is combined with Walt Disney Studios, takes time and effort to give people movies that specialize in animation, becoming one of the most well-known companies in the movie industry. The creators, Ed Catmull and John Lasseter, had no clue that the idea they started was going to become the success Pixar is today. Pretty soon, Walt Disney Studios caught on to the idea of Pixar, so Pixar and Disney agreed to a 5-movie deal, in exchange for a portion of Pixar’s stock (Smith 439). Pixar and Disney worked like a charm, making several movies, from what toys think outside of playtime, to the life in a simple anthill. John Lasseter was the brains behind Pixar’s first idea, a lamp. Lasseter says “I was like,
[points at lamp], the classic Luxo lamp! I just started moving it around like it was alive.” (Buckley 7). A few moments of computer engineering later, and Luxo Jr. was born. The plot of Luxo Jr. was an adult lamp watching another smaller lamp, possibly the child, play with a ball and get into some mischief along the way. The creators at Disney got a taste of what Pixar is capable of and wanted more of what Pixar can do, so Disney contacted Pixar about doing a little project together. And, the magic was about to begin. The place of origin for Pixar’s imagination to run wild: a bedroom. When the kid is away, the toys will play, or at least that is what Pixar intended to show with the first movie that Pixar and Disney put together, Toy Story.
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