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HOLY ANGEL UNIVERSITY S.Y. 2012-2013 YORGBEV PIXAR MAGIC CASE STUDY Submitted to : I. Viewpoint II. Significant Case Facts * Robert Iger, Walt Disney Co. new CEO, first task was to acquire Pixar Animation Studios. * Walt Disney Animation Studios, the studio that brought us Mickey Mouse and The Lion King, had become moribund over the past decade because of Pixar’s award-winning productions. * John Lasseter, now the Chief Creative Officer of both Pixar and Disney Animation Studios, explained that from the very beginning, they had to get the best people from the computer science world and from the artistic film making animation world and get them working together. * In this case, Pixar also…show more content…
As head of Pixar University, Randy Nelson said, “the problem with the Hollywood model is that it’s generally that day you wrap production that you realize you’ve finally figured out how to work together.” Which had a great point. People are unique. You cannot just join them together and expect them to sync – in in an instant. It will take time to jive them together so they can maximize their skills together and have the best output for the organization. And also Pixar’s egalitarian, no-nonsense, perfectionist culture is another reason the animation studio’s staff work effectively. The company gives power to its production teams rather than to senior executives, though this teams are also ruthless at writing and rendering scenes several times until they look right. All employees, from entry – level newcomers to the CEO, are encourage to be creative and offer candid feedback about work in progress. They also have “sweatbox’ sessions to discuss problems openly. And here was the best, for a big and successful company like Pixar, even their most successful film undergo a “post-mortem” for them to discover how they could have been improved. This company never stop on improving. They aren’t yet satisfied with successful films, they want success to more successful. I also liked the term “no-nonsense”. It shows how they fully respect each other’s ideas. Just like our Instructor on this subject, he keeps on encouraging the

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