Pixar Changing The Overall Feeling For Animation Forever

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Pixar changed animation forever by introducing new ideas and changing the overall feel for animation forever. One very important trend that Pixar started was the actual slowing down of a movies narrative. Previously, before Pixar, animated movies such as Aladdin or even Beauty and The Beast, both made by Disney, were both very rapidly paced, along with most other animated movie prior to Pixar. Most companies did this because they considered their audiences to be an extremely impatient bunch, specifically children. Pixar however, disproved this theory with Up, Wall-E, and many others. Pixar knew the value of temporarily slowing down a movies narrative. Pixar had faith that it’s audience, including children, would not lose interest during…show more content…
As time can tell, it was a safe bet, by the time the credits of Toy Story began to roll the first day, the movies would never be the same (Zorthian). Toy Story grossed a total of $191,796,233 at the box office in The United States alone, it was the highest-selling film for three weeks in a row. As the first full length, 3D computer animated movie, it was a milestone for animation, possibly the most significant since the introduction of color. Most critics however, glossed over this achievement, which was actually exactly what the developers were hoping for. The critics were actually thrilled at the “invisibility” of the work. The film even won an academy award for Special Achievement, also including nominations for best original screenplay, score, and song. The foundation that was set by Toy Story had effects far beyond the franchise. Pixar, which Disney officially acquired in 2006, has released 15 movies since then, this includes 26 Academy Awards and three Grammy’s in total. There have been more than 250 computer-animated films released world wide since Toy Story. John Lasseter, current chief creative officer of Pixar and Disney, attributes that plentitude in part to the choice by the Toy Story team to worry about the story more than showing off, and to concentrate on developing software to serve their ideas, rather than the other way around. Lasseter even states, “if Toy Story had not succeeded the way it did, it might not have

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