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Background Pixar Animation Studios, is an American computer animation film studio based in Emeryville, California. The studio is best known for its CGI-animated feature films. Pixar was founded as The Graphics Group, which was one third of the Computer Division of Lucasfilm that was launched in 1979 with the hiring of Dr. Ed Catmull from the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT). Pixar group, which numbered 40 individuals, was spun out as a corporation in February 1986 with investment by Steve Jobs shortly after he was fired from Apple (4). Jobs paid $5 million to George Lucas for technology rights and put them and $5 million cash as capital into the company. Pixar revenue has been doubled significantly during 1995 to 2003 especially…show more content…
They focuses on building morale, spirit and communication among employees. In addition to that the less hierarchal level of management lead their first line employee who are in the production lines to add some suggestion which eventually takes less time for approval from higher management due to the less hierarchal level. Table 1 Pixar Milestones Date Distribution 1986 Steve jobs buys Lucas Computer group. 1991 Pixar signs a production agreement with Disney. Disney is to invest $26 million; Pixar should deliver three full length computer animated feature films. 1995 Pixar releases Toy Story 1, the most fully digital feature film, which become the top-grossing movie of the year and wins an Oscar. 1997 Pixar and Disney negotiate a new agreement: 50-50 split of development costs and profit of five feature-length movies. 2001-04 A string of hits from Pixar: Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, and The incredibles. 2006 Disney acquires Pixar ($7.4 billion) and assigns responsibilities for its own animation unit to Pixar’s creative group. Jobs becomes Disney 's largest single shareholder at the time Financial Analysis Pixar financial analysis will be separated in two different parts due to the fact that before the Walt Disney acquisition in 2006, Pixar was independent company with independent financial statement. Before Walt Disney Acquisition: Pixar Company has the following financial statement. As April, 2005 (Table 2) shows net income has been increased by 200%
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