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Piyush Kapoor Health Policy and Economics HCA 7720 Instructor Christopher Roe Critical Essay Paper Medical repatriation, a practice commonly termed as the transfer of uninsured immigrants with particular long-term care needs to facilities abroad. This has been considered as an economic requirement by the hospital administrators and as an unethical behavior of dumping patients by the lawyers. It is hard to analyze the number of medical repatriations as no state or federal agencies of the government track these deportations. In spite of such numbers, current government and state laws don 't specifically address repatriations. Rather, movement and Medicaid changes over the previous decade have made a true administrative system in…show more content…
LEGAL AND ETHICAL ISSUES Upon observation, groups like the California Medical Association ("CMA") and, the American Medical Association ("AMA") "have concentrated on "constrained" repatriations without characterizing the word 'forced. It is hazy whether patients are exhorted about their immigration or even the full medical results of their consenting to be sent back home, raising inquiries regarding the consent given in these cases. A large group of assent issues additionally emerge in situations where the patient is in a trance state or has a serious mental inability and where a guardian has been designated (Agarwal, 2010). For instance, Kong Fong Yu, an elderly, undocumented man from China, endured a stroke and ended up in a New York healthcare facility for nearly two years before the doctor 's facility started considering repatriation. The transitory person who was named for Mr. Yu contradicted the healthcare facilities proposed plan to return him to China. In any case, over the span of our restricted contribution with the case, questions emerged about whether Mr. Yu himself wanted to go back to China and also the degree of the guardian 's power. The need to guarantee that Mr. Yu had entry to suitable restorative care and a sensible release alternative rubbed up against worries that his independence as a man with disabilities be respected (Agarwal, 2010). A broad arrangement of guardianship law

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