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International University College Marketing Research Assignment Of Pizza Hut Prepared by: Victoria Bozhilova Course: Hotel Management in English 2nd year Table of contents * Executive summary * Introduction * Research * Conclusion * Recommendations * References * Appendices Executive summary This marketing research report is about the strategy of Pizza Hut for entering a new market. This research includes the preferences of the customers for going to any fast-food restaurant and particularly to our. We collected primary data from people for our research. While we were making our questionnaire we focused mainly on questions that showed the preference of the fast-food customers. Especially when we talk…show more content…
We became aware of the information that the majority of the fast-food restaurant customers are the people between the ages of 18 and 30. Nowadays the majority of young people can’t cook and they are really impatient for food. Some of them don’t have resources.desire and time for cooking. So the fast food restaurants are really the best choice for people between these ages. Furthermore, we found out that our potential customers are incredibly price sensitive. 16 out of 28 people preferred to give 5 to 10 leva for our services than 3 to 5 leva. This helped us to understand that our customers are willing to pay more if the service responds to their money but not too much. After our detailed analysis we concluded that quality is the most important factor which can affect our potential customers. People really prefer to eat in a fast-food restaurant which has normal prices, good service and nice interior. People have gotten tired of going to the same places like Mcdonalds and Subway. They want something new, fresh and with fast home delivery. 4 P’s Product: Salads, Pizza, Pasta, Beverage, Deserts Price: 5 to 10 leva Promotion: TV ads for now Place: We should place our restaurants in the Mall or somewhere in the centre of Sofia and Varna Conclusion From our research we conclude that we definitely should focus on consumer satisfaction. This is possible if we have

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