Pizza Hut : The Largest Pizza Chain

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Executive Summary Pizza Hut is the largest pizza chain in the world, with over 13,000 units in more than 94 countries. Pizza Hut Canada has over 300 units from coast to coast, with two distinct restaurant builds to service dine-in and delivery channels. Pizza Hut is already established as a world leader in pizza, resulting in the trust and respect of consumers. The mission with this new franchise would be to further extend and build upon Pizza Hut’s good reputation, and there is plenty of confidence that that is achievable. The financial background of this company is very healthy. With a revenue that has been steady for over five years, Pizza Hut has always kept to its goals and has succeeded in achieving them more often than not. Pizza Hut is a widely recognized brand name and is worldly renowned for their products and services. For these reasons, it is projected that this Pizza Hut franchise will be a success, and in turn, a very profitable investment. This Pizza Hut franchise will have short and long term goals that it will strive to achieve. It is necessary to establish the store location, as that is the backbone of the franchise. Then, time and effort will be put into marketing and raising awareness, because only then will this franchise be able to start gaining profit. Once consumers are aware that there is a new Pizza Hut open nearby, they will start to purchase from the franchise, and they will expect high quality products and services as per the high standards…

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