Place In Marketing

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The second Ps of marketing are “Place,” the company wants to sell the product directly to consumers. Frederick’s uses multichannel such as catalogues, retail stores, and the Internet. To expand its sales and opportunities, Fredrick’s uses a “360 degree” method that helps customers to buy what they want from anywhere and anytime. The company uses direct channel of distribution so the company can get feedback directly from customers about their products. Direct distribution lets Frederick’s deliver the product to customers without using a third-party like retailers. Under the direct distribution, during seasonality, Tierney (2012) states, “mail 36-page persona books while Valentine’s Day and other core holiday books run 76 to 92 pages.” The …show more content…
However, if any of this “anchor” tenants would disappear, Frederick’s sales and consumer traffic can decrease. The problem for Fredericks is, as Afildi (2010) stated, “FOH (Frederick’s of Hollywood) has always focused on owning and operating its own stores”.
Likewise, after the company chose to sell their products directly to consumers, Frederick’s needs to decide whether to make their products intensive, selective, or exclusive. Frederick’s of Hollywood brand is an exclusive distribution because customers can only find the product on the Internet, catalogues, retail stores, and is an online retailer that sells almost everything that customers need. Frederick’s sell most of the popular brands on Amazon. The most popular brands are Exxtreme, and Babydoll. Since Amazon (most popular website) using pop-ups and set a link that connects directly to Frederick’s brands. By delivering its products through Amazon, the company can spread its name brand to customers that never buy the brand.
Frederick’s of Hollywood uses a method called “SmartLabel” for return of merchandise. SmartLabel ease customers a little when it comes to return of merchandise that were either bought online or through Frederick’s catalog. SmartLabel is convenient for customers because it lets customers print out the prepaid and pre-addressed barcoded SmartLabel from their order summary and attach it to the front of the box and drop it off from any of the U.S
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