Placement Essay: Overview Of Eli Lilly And Company

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Course: Pharmaceutical Biotechnology (PB3) Assignment Title: Placement Assessment Report

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Company Name:
Eli Lilly and Company
History of Eli Lilly:
Eli Lilly & Co is an American global pharmaceutical company founded in 1876 (nearly 140 years of scientific heritage) and is named after U.S war veteran, Colonel Lilly (Eli Lilly & Co., 2015). Eli Lilly & Co believe in “safety first, quality always” and work hard to maintain that promise (O'Connor, 2016). Lilly is ranked in 14th place in the world’s top 50 pharmaceutical companies based on sales in 2015 (“Top 50 Global Pharma Companies”, 2016). The company has a net worth of $79.2 billion (Forbes, 2016). It has 13 manufacturing plants worldwide (Eli Lilly & Co., 2015). Lilly conducts clinical trial research in over 55 countries, employing roughly 38,000 people around the world (Eli Lilly & Co., 2015). Approximately 7,700 of these workers are in research and development (R&D) with facilities in 8 different countries. Lilly has invested over €450 million annually in research and development in Europe, double its investment over the last 10 years (Eli Lilly & Co., 2015). In the last decade, the company has invested over €1.2 billion in manufacturing. Lilly has also
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Eli Lilly and Company has many subsidiaries located in a host of different locations around the world such as Avid Radiopharmaceuticals Incorporated located in Pennsylvania, U.S. and ImClone Systems Corporation in Delaware, U.S. (“U.S. SECURITIES,” 2011).Some other subsidiaries include Eli Lilly S.A – Ireland branch, Eli Lilly Japan K.K, Eli Lilly and Company limited in the United Kingdom and Eli Lilly Asia Pacific in Malaysia, with many more established around the world (“U.S. SECURITIES,”

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