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I have opinions of all the places I have lived. Each place has its advantages and disadvantages, and I am not sure if there is any place that really fits me well. In this essay, I will examine the bad and good aspects of some of the places I have lived. Then, I will compare what I consider to be "ideal" conditions with the good aspects of those places where I have lived. Lastly, I will choose the place that I think is best for me. I was born in Gujarat , India , and I lived there for 9 years then I moved to America . I consider it to be my hometown. I have some bad memories from there. I don?t like the people and places, especially some of its unique characteristics, like the night market from Gujarat . The pattern of the…show more content…
But, it was very hot in summer and freezing cold in spring. My town had so many good restaurants and shopping mall. Well, it?s up to north of Alabama so it doesn?t have beach, however, it has rivers down there. On the Good side, this town was wide open. There was lots of space and the natural scenery was just beautiful. Because it was not so crowded, and traffic was not a problem, there was not much pollution either. I like this because it was easier to keep healthy. Finally, I moved to Ventura because my family said so. They didn?t want me to do a party and all so they moved back me to Ventura . The entire place I have lived, I think I like it here the best. It is nice here for several reasons. Because the population is not too high, there are lots of place to visit, lots of job opportunities and less crowded transportation facilities. I am not sure of all the reasons, but I think life here is just much more exciting. I have some problem here because my family is here so I can?t go for parties and go home late night. However I do parties because sometime I get lonely. After living in these entire places, I think I can honestly say which characteristics are most important to me, and which ones are not so important. I have though about this very much, and now I feel like I can rank these things in order from first to last. First of all I like to live in less populated and clean town.
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