Essay on Places to Shop for Shopaholics in Vishakhapatnam

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Vishakhapatnam over the years has grown tremendously, before there were only few good shops and bazaars where one could shop, now Vishakhapatnam has many mall, shops, bazaars where one can shop till they drop. So whether it is big malls where one wants to buy branded stuff or small road side shops there are ample you can find in Vishakhapatnam. These days’ people are smart enough and prefer roadside shopping in small shops as obliviously you get good stuff at considerably cheaper rates. When it comes to road side shopping there are many bazaars in Vishakhapatnam where you can buy kids, wear, men’s wear clothes, accessories like shoes, sandals, bag, household utilities, and almost everything. Below mentioned are few bazaars where you can…show more content…
The entire market is very colorful to see with wide array of shops that sell almost everything. In the evening you can see lot of people shopping here. No matter whether you are looking for legging, stylish kurtis, men’s jacket or a chic handbag you will find everything here in your budget. There is also vegetable market and fruit market which is one of the biggest one so you can actually buy everything if you go to this bazaar.

3. Kurpa market: Parallel to the road of purna market when you walk you arrive to kurpa market bazaar. This can be also called as gold souk as you will find many small gold jewelry shops that sell beautiful ornaments. You can find both gold and silver jewelry in these shops though the shops look small but the collection is vast; however check for hallmark sign before shopping. If you are craving for artificial jewelry then you are at right place as here you can find beautiful artificial jewelry, like kundan jewelry, artificial gem stone jewelry, pearls jewelry, etc. bangles, kids pins, clutches , stickers, nail polishes, for ladies etc you can spot on roads.

4. Barex bazaar: This road side bazaar is famous for all types of winter wear for all the age groups. In this Barex area there are more than 20 shops that sell sweaters, caps, jackets, glouses, socks, strolls, shawls, blankets, everything for winter. These winter sweaters and jackets are sold by Tibetan people and the rates are fixed so no bargain however the rates are very reasonable
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