Essay about Placing English Language Learners in Special Education

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When do English language learners need to be placed in special education?

In the United States, there has been an increase in in the number of children from Spanish speaking backgrounds. The English Language Learners, commonly known as ELL’s, are being placed in Special Education without being properly tested for a learning disability. However there are a large number of ELL’s with learning disabilities in elementary grades that truly have a learning disability and are over looked. Many school districts have problems placing ELL’s. As a result these students end up in special education whether they have a learning disability or language impairment. Teachers are also indecisive when dealing with ELL’s. Most teachers recommend that ELL’s
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This is a good starting point to help teachers distinguish between a true learning disability and learning English as a second language. If an ELL has a real learning disability then early detection is essential. However, if an ELL does have a learning disorder and does not receive special education for many years, because teachers were waiting for he or she to learn the language, serious consequences could happen (Haung, Clarke, Milczarski, Raby, 2011). Students could be grade levels behind their peers and could suffer emotionally and socially in and out of school. Some ELLs may be able to speak in their native language, but they may not be able to read and write in it. Finally, teachers also have to pay very close attention to ELLs. Each ELL has had a different set of experiences and ranges of educational exposure (Haung, Clarke, Milczarski, Raby, 2011). Teachers must push for appropriate professional development for teachers working with ELLs. Teachers are more prepared to deliver appropriate assessment and instructional modifications to ELLs with disabilities when they have been given appropriate professional development (Haung, Clarke, Milczarski, Raby, 2011). There are many
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