Plagiarism: A Serious Crime Essay

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Plagiarism: A Serious Crime

Plagiarism is a serious crime and should be treated seriously by anyone who chooses to plagiarize. Plagiarism should not be treated lightly and is something that needs to be thought about thoroughly before anyone decides that he or she wants to plagiarize. It is nothing needs to be ignored or brushed off like itðs nothing and the person can get away with it.

People spend too much time thinking, writing, experimenting or working for someone to just think that they have the right to just come in and steal that personðs idea. Plagiarism is stealing. Stealing is taking someone elseðs things without them having knowledge that you are taking it and keeping it for yourself and telling
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And then some ignorant person comes along and takes this away from this person is hurting them. You are taking away from maybe their money that they earned for their work. Or taking away from their intelligence that they used to write or create what you stole from them. I doubt that anyone would appreciate someone just coming in and taking what they worked so very hard on to gain recognition for. No one would be happy about this at all.

Any crime in this country that can jeopardize your future in the society of America is a truly serious crime. In high schools and college plagiarism is not something that is taken lightly or jokingly. You are putting your future at stake if you decide that you want to plagiarize at any school. If you are caught plagiarizing at school there is a great chance that you will be removed from that school and put at stake your chance of getting into another school in the future. No school would be happy to accept anyone who was caught plagiarizing and penalized for that action of unjust behavior. Just like no department store would be glad to hire a person who was in the past caught shoplifting at another department store and prosecuted for that. So there is many things that a person is putting at stake when they decide to plagiarize.

The idea of plagiarizing is just a dull-witted one. You choose to plagiarize you choose to accept the consequences that come along with it. Any idea, work
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