Plagiarism And Intellectual Property Of The Academia And Software Industry

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Plagiarism and Intellectual Property in the Academia and Software Industry
The many consequences
Daniel Choe
Student from University of Utah
United States Abstract — This paper discusses plagiarism and its many dire consequences in the realm of the computer science academia as well as the software industry.
Plagiarism is an issue that cannot be taken likely both in the academia and the software industry. The consequences of plagiarism are widespread and the issues that follow can be personal, professional, ethical, financial and legal. Plagiarism is not only destructive to the individual who committed the infraction, but can also be damaging to one’s teammates, company, educational institution, as well as possibly thousands or millions who rely on the software. As a result, it is important to iterate the severe consequences as well as the negative impacts that can and will occur from plagiarism to increase prevention of such cases as well as to properly understand what is considered to be an infraction and to take care of avoiding infractions.
A. Background
The number of students enrolled in computer science courses have never been higher. This trend is most likely attributed to the field’s job prospects as well as the realization of the importance in understanding computer science in this modern tech era.
Unfortunately, the number of students caught cheating in computer science courses is

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