Plagiarism And Plagiarism For Academic Integrity

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In my opinion, academic integrity refers to the principles associated with being honest and responsible in one academic work. Academic integrity is a vital concept for all academic institutions throughout the globe especially in an era where academic dishonesty is gaining momentum. Cheating and plagiarism represent unethical academic behaviors against which higher academic institutions have been battling against. Nowadays, plagiarism and cheating tools have been greatly influenced by new technological trends providing students with unethical solutions going against academic integrity. I will now proceed on elaborating on the behavioral characteristics going against academic integrity then, I will highlight the danger associated with plagiarism before finally concluding my argumentation with the reasons behind the rise of academic dishonesty. Cheating can be defined as to "deceive or trick" or "to act dishonestly." (Oxford Dictionaries, 2015). Moreover, plagiarism can be defined as “the practice of taking someone else 's work or ideas and passing them off as one 's own.” (Oxford Dictionaries, 2015). Both cheating and plagiarism can be done purposely as an act of pure dishonesty. Some individuals are not willing to allocate the necessary time and effort for their academic studies. They often chose the easiest solution and opt for copying another author’s work without mentioning it accordingly. It is necessary to highlight that instances of plagiarism occur
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