Plagiarism And The Holy Codes Of Plagiarism

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I could feel a burning sense of guilt from knowingly breaking the holy codes of plagiarism, but I just wanted to be done with that paper and I figured that there was no possible way that a plagiarism checker would ever catch such a subtle seven-word phrase. That was where I was dead wrong. About a week or so after submitting the paper for grading, I received such an innocent looking e-mail for my Core 120 professor saying that she would like to meet me after class the next day to discuss my rhetorical analysis. From the way it was worded, she made it sound as if she was so impressed with my writing that she wanted to dive into an in-depth discussion on my analytical masterpiece in attempts to pluck my brain for all of my knowledge on the…show more content…
The section that she had circled in red ink wasn’t even the seven-word phrase that I copied and pasted! What kind of evil joke is this? Instead, it was a short phrase in a different section of my paper that resembled an online discussion board that I vaguely remembered reading during my research process. (If I found it on a discussion board, I must have been doing some great research, am I right?) Long story short, to my relief, I was not expelled from that school, but I did receive a zero on that assignment and was also assigned to write a new rhetorical analysis on John F. Kennedy’s Inauguration Speech for which I would receive no credit. In the end, I ended up receiving the punishment I deserved for plagiarism, but not for the reasons I was expecting. Besides providing a mildly humorous story of my youth and offering the reason for why I became a documentation freak, there is another, more-important point to me sharing this story. After my professor’s deserved wrath against me had subsided, I
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