Plagiarism And The Plagiarism Of The Student 's Right And Their Integrity

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Generally, the term “plagiarism” refers to the academically dishonest practice of using another’s words or ideas as one’s own. It is also regarded as a serious offense. For example, someone commits the offense by copying and pasting materials or work, in whole or in part, written by another person without quoting appropriate reference credit. While most people understand the concept of plagiarism academic institution take it seriously and have various policies in regards to it. The majority of college specify the plagiarism policy in order to protect the student’s right and their integrity. While both Centennial College and Fanshawe College have similarities in their plagiarism policies which are subject to student’s score, the main difference between the two is that Centennial College has a more specific procedure which helps student understand the consequences of academic offense. Overall, Fanshawe College has an ambiguous policy regarding plagiarism. According to the college’s policy, they state that the purpose of policy is to protect integrity and their rights of all students. Furthermore, cheating is not accepted, and this behavior will be disciplined in accordance with the policy. Also, plagiarism is included in cheating offense, and their policy is primarily focused on their students. When a student is suspected of cheating, the instructor, invigilator, at the earliest opportunity, will investigate the situation, and discuss the matter with the student in regards to

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