Plagiarism And The Substance And Context Of Academic Dishonesty

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This paper reviews journal articles on plagiarism and explores the substance and context of academic dishonesty, including self-plagiarism, the nature of plagiarism and how it is perceived by students and faculty. Moreover, how serious of a problem plagiarism really is and why students feel it necessary to cheat. It researches the challenges presented by the huge quantity of information available over the internet. This report also reviews faculty views on academic dishonesty and the many disagreements surrounding what constitutes blatant plagiarism versus unintentional cheating. Also, which disciplinary actions are in the highest degree appropriate. It is concluded that plagiarism is an ongoing problem. Students cheat for many reasons, from lack of knowledge to laziness. It is likewise found that faculty may share the same laze fair attitude as students when they rely on software alone to investigate plagiarism. Surprisingly, some may choose not to evaluate or address the topic altogether or even to assess what their pupils know so that they may prepare accordingly. This report will provide suggestions to teach students how to avoid plagiarism. It will also propose constructive strategies for the prevention of piracy to include education along with faculty and student accountability.
Keywords: plagiarism, internet, student perceptions, faculty perceptions, academic dishonesty, strategies

Many students regard plagiarism as a harmless form of “borrowing”…
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