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Plagiarism Assignment Plagiarism is presenting the words or ideas of someone else as your own, without proper acknowledgment of the source. Plagiarism ranges from copying word-for-word, to paraphrasing a passage and changing only a few words, to quoting or paraphrasing without credit. Whether you quote actual words or use ideas borrowed from any source, you must reference the source in your essay or project. Not documenting your sources is considered plagiarism and has severe consequences. In college courses, you are expected to document your sources properly and consistently. A lot of students do not intend to plagiarize. In reality, students realize that citing sources actually helps build their credibility for an audience and grasp…show more content…
Patient expectations and drug benefits are a very important part of a placebo response. The researchers assessed which central nervous system medications and matched the perceived drug action to capture the placebo response. They consulted and recorded the formulation and color of each referenced dose of therapeutics approved for sale in the U.S. Researchers categorized orange, yellow, and red pills as stimulants and green, blue, and purple pills as having a calming effect. Neutral pills were named as the white and grey colors (Khan, Bomminayuni, Bhat, Faucett, & Brown, 2010). The effects of color go beyond perception, expectation plays a key role in a research study. Patient expectancy as a result of treatment has a immense effect on what they experience. The hypothesis in this study did not confirm that pharmaceutical companies color and formulate the shape of pills to enhance the treatment response in patients. It is reassuring to know that not all studies have a positive outcome, yet they can still give psychologists knowledge on humans and their behavior. To find my second article, I followed the steps explained above to get to my first article. Then once I was on the webpage for my first article I scrolled back on to the top, on the right side is located a "references" link. I clicked on the link and it gave me a list of 19
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