Plagiarism Declaration And Its Effect On The Process Of Anonymous Marking

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A J I T H V A D D I Registration Number: Coursework Form This form should be completed for each piece of coursework submitted. It is designed to aid the process of anonymous marking, the identification of work once marking is complete, and for you to make a plagiarism declaration. Please ensure that you fill in all parts of the form. Please note that you should hand work in by the prescribed method only. Plagiarism Declaration (By completing this form you are making the declaration below.) The work I have submitted, in accordance with University College Regulations, is all my own work and contains no plagiarism from books, articles, the internet or anyone else’s work. Where I have quoted the words of another person, I have surrounded the quotation with quotation marks and have referred to the source within the text or by footnotes. Where I have taken ideas more commonly from other people (by using secondary sources or by reading books, journals or articles but not specifically referring to them in the text), I have acknowledged such use by making a named reference to the author in the coursework. I have included a full bibliography and/or reference list as required. I B P 7 0 0 2 Module Code: Module Title: Organizational Behavior and Leadership Module Convener: Dr. Ronald Kovach Academic Tutor: Olisa Chakraborty Coursework Title: Leadership Plan Submission Date: 22 June 2015 Word Count: 2104 Organizational Behavior and Leadership - Leadership Plan Index 1

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