Plagiarism Is Not The Right Way

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Plagiarism has been around for a long time, nowadays it’s easier to tell if someone plagiarizes. Plagiarism is not the way to go it is not worth the risk and definitely has it consequences. Plagiarism is an act or instance of using or closely imitating the thoughts of another author without authorization and passing it as your own ( Plagiarism is the work of those who are not willing to put in the time and effort it takes to write original content. Which can be a form of cheating which is not respectable and not good for the educating process at all. Instead of learning the material and doing the research and required procedures for the assignment. Those who plagiarize are cheating themselves in the long run, because they are not really learning the information required for their class. Educators intend for students to complete the material provided and trust them to complete their work the right way. I think we can all agree that writing an essay isn’t the most exciting thing to do, it takes a lot of thought and effort. However completing an essay can be a very rewarding feeling. Knowing you worked hard researching and taking the time to produce some good quality material can be motivating. Unfortunately those who choose plagiarism prefer to take an easier route thinking they will not get caught. Taking someone else’s hard work and submitting it as their own is not right. In the end the consequences for choosing plagiarism is not worth it. Why do they do

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