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"Immature poets imitate; mature poets steal" - TS Eliot Plagiarism is, as defined by the Council of Writing Program Administrators, is “in an instructional setting, plagiarism occurs when a writer deliberately uses someone else’s language, ideas or other original (not common-knowledge) without acknowledging its source.” Plagiarism is a nice word for cheating. [1] Analyzing that sentence, “deliberately” and “without acknowledging its source” are the keywords that cause a lot of confusion in the world of art, specifically more so, the world of academics. Plagiarism is a problem because it is often too broad and confusing term. First, most students do not realize that they are committing plagiarism when writing. Simply because, there…show more content…
[3] To combat this large number of plagiarism, Professor Bloomfield of physics at University of Virginia, has developed a free program that compares writing to that which has already been writing to determine whether the writing is genuine or stolen. [4][5] In the academic world versus that of the general world, students feel like they are going to get away with it. In the working world, in journalism for example, if a journalist is caught stealing a story from another source without properly citing their information, it can be grounds for immediate dismissal. In April of 2007, a CBS producer was fired for plagiarism. The producer, who is unnamed, was dismissed for writing an essay, almost verbatim, to that of Jeffery Zaslow's article “Of the Places You’ll Go, Is The Library Still One of Them?” of the Wall Street Journal. [6] In January 2010, Zachery Kouwe a New York Times reporter, was fired for plagiarism when he “improperly appropriated wording and passages published by other news organizations”. He copied an article from the Huffington Post, which was almost identical, that was posted two hours before the Times posted Kouwe’s article. [7] Even Martin Luther King plagiarized. When he attended Boston University, he plagiarized his dissertation for his doctorate. Even more interesting, the “I

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