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After thoroughly reading and reviewing the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) course guidelines, there is a greater understanding for the necessity and purpose meshed within theses courses. The guidelines language was very specific and clear leaving no room for confusing nor questioning. Slightly overwhelmed by these guidelines, a concern of mine is failing to meet the guidelines through my writing quality and skills. While in high school, I enrolled in honors and advanced placement english classes. The instructors provided a plethora of resources, suggestive writing techniques, and helpful critiques. However while I am able to write on a topic as well as being able to present it in a clear and understandable manner; I still struggle with grammatical and punctuation errors. I also worry that the information that was provided is obsolete or won’t pertain to anything in this course. With the help of this course I plan on turning all my weakness and worries into strengths and make my strengths stronger. First Version Errors was a helpful resource that described typically errors made by students, this resource also provided explanations as to why these errors are made. In addition to trying to strengthen my present weaknesses I plan to: look for the errors that were provided in this resource and take time to understand the errors. The only way to get better at writing in my opinion is by becoming more knowledgeable and continuously practice implementing the information into
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