Plagiarism, Research Skills and the Role of Assessment and Feedback

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Research Skills Thomas(2004) defines research skills as the abilities that someone has to acquire in order to be able to understand, manage and efficiently use the processes of defining and explaining phenomena. Craig (2009) identifies and suggests some tips and the steps that have to be included in an effective research. The first stage includes the students’ necessity to be aware of the available resources that may need to be used. After defining what is needed to be researched and collecting the information required, researchers should be selective as well as using their own critical thinking in order to understand whether it is worth reading an article or not regarding the essay or report’s title and the validity of the sources. Daft (1983, p.539 cited in Thomas (2004)) who describes research as a ‘craft’, states that research includes certain ways of perceiving and approaching ideas and behaviours. 2.1 Are research skills important? Flyvbjerg (2011, p.34 cited in Thomas (2004)) clearly explain that the process someone has to undertake in order to acquire the fundamentals of research skills, is similar to every other type of skills. Moreover, Flyvbjerg states that researchers do not need to comply with a set of basic rules in order to be proficient at what they do. He also implies that researchers may in fact have a certain approach or instructions at their writing style but they represent it, as it was
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