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Running head: PLAGIARISM 1 PLAGIARISM 2 Plagiarism Robert Blakley Baptist College of Health Science Abstract The paper analyzes the existing ethical academic dilemma of applying plagiarism within diverse academic works by students in general and nursing students in particular. It presents particular examples of well-known plagiarism cases and allows properly evaluating the reasons and ways of avoiding any acts of intentional and unintentional plagiarism. It emphasizes the necessity to avoid plagiarism in order to avoid diverse legal and reputation complication as well as expulsion of students. Keywords: plagiarism, academic work, and intellectual property Plagiarism Plagiarism have become a very topical issue in various presented academic materials in general and nursing academic materials in specifically. The latter is an extremely important issue due to the ?high standards and ethics? manifested by the representatives of the nursing profession (Smedley, Crawford & Cloete, 2014, p.169). The existing ethical and academic dilemma of plagiarism has become particularly acute along with the development and widespread application of diverse internet resources in multiple academic purposes. Definition of plagiarism The creation of nursing academic texts requires a particular attention to the plagiarism issue. Generally, plagiarism is defined through the comprehension of its intellectual plunder. Moreover, plagiarism is to be addressed as
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