Plagiarism: The Problem of Cheating Your Way Through Essay

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Plagiarism is an illegal form of copying, it is when you take work that someone else has done and calling it your own. Plagiarism is illegal, and is unfair to the author who actually took the time to write it. Plagiarism, even if on accident is still stealing work from others. By plagiarizing you are not only hurting the people around you, but you are also hurting yourself because by plagiarizing you aren’t learning anything for yourself. People who plagiarize don’t only hurt themselves, they also hurt the people around them, like their classmates and the school they attend.

There are many forms of plagiarism, some examples are taking paragraphs from articles or book and including them in your paper without using proper citations.
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Also when you plagiarize you penalize yourself and everyone else who depend on you for the knowledge they lack.

If one is found guilty of plagiarism in college, the consequences can be much more severe. Usually the first time a student in college is found guilty of plagiarizing, the teacher may just give you a zero on the assignment, or make you redo your work. The second time or more a student is found guilty of plagiarism it may fail the student for the course. Some of the more extreme consequences for plagiarism include things like academic suspension, expulsion and temporary or permanent transcription of plagiarism. Some more penalties may also include loss of academic scholarship, and can cause failure to receive credit for the course that the student was taking. For example, in 2012 Harvard Law School undergraduates were investigated for plagiarizing on a government course exam, and half of the students were found guilty of plagiarizing and received a mandatory two-semester suspension from the school.

There can be 6 consequences of plagiarism that include, destroy student reputation, destroy professional reputation, and destroy academic reputation, legal repercussions, monetary repercussions, and plagiarized research. The consequences of plagiarism can be personal,
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