Plagiarism: What You Shouldn T Ever Do While Writing

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Plagiarism is something you shouldn’t ever do while writing, it shouldn’t even be something you think about while writing. Most writers are original but there are a few who struggle with originality. One way to be original is to brainstorm with techniques, such as mind mapping and story webs. Another way is to try and put it in your own words, switch out the boring words and use new and exciting words. You can also try to do some research on that topic to find new information that the previous writer has not included in their story. Plagiarism is something that can be committed very easily to help avoid plagiarism you can write it in your own words to be original, brainstorm some new ideas using mind maps and story webs and last but not least, do some research to find new information on your topic to avoid dishonestly writing.…show more content…
Most writers use techniques to help them brainstorm their ideas, a couple of techniques are mind mapping and story webs. Mind mapping and story webs help bring out more ideas that come from your head. Use a mind map or story web when you first write down your main topic, after that comes what your 3 body paragraphs are going to be about. By looking at that you can get so many ideas for supporting details and even supporting details for your supporting details! Another way is by looking at what the writer already has, by looking at that you can use it for inspiration for what you might want your item you’re writing to be like. Being an original writer is not the only way to get inspiration, there are many other ways to succeed if you are
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