Plagiarism and the Internet Essay

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Plagiarism and the Internet Plagiarism is a major problem in colleges around the world. In a study by the Psychological Record, it was found that at least thirty six percent of undergraduates have confessed to plagiarism (Statistics, 1). Plagiarism is the unethical act of stealing ideas, thoughts, and feelings from others without giving the author proper credit. Today, it has become such a serious issue that there are resources available for teachers to identify plagiarism and the penalties are numerous. Plagiarism is often known as ¡theft¡ or ¡fraud¡ (Plagiarism, 1). It is classified as theft because it is the act of stealing one¦Ðs ideas. It is fraud because it is the act of taking someone else…show more content…
People can buy and sell products, pay their bills, read the newspaper, listen to music, type up papers, watch movies, play games, or do research. Web-sites have been made for teachers in which they can check for student plagiarism. They simply type in a few sentences from their student paper, and the matches are revealed almost immediately. Society is different from what it was several years ago. Children are being educated at a younger age. We must begin teaching the youth now that the act of plagiarism is immoral. It goes against everything that is right. If this continues, ideas will be stolen and credit will not be given where it is deserved. It has been found that about eighty percent of college students stated that they have cheated at some time in their lives (Statistics, 1). Due to the large percentage, policies have been initiated to punish such students. The consequences can vary greatly. Depending on the teacher and the degree of the act, a student may be put in front of a board in which an investigation is conducted. If found guilty, they could be expelled from school, withdrawn from a class, or receive a failing grade on the assignment. If the teacher is more lenient, the student could simply be given a warning. In this manner, however, the student will never learn their lesson. Plagiarism is unethical and illegal. Though it is not always done intentionally, it is a serious matter. The
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