Plagiarized Writing

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According to the Merriam-Webster online dictionary, the definition of plagiarize is to steal or pass off the words or ideas of someone as your own. Throughout college and high school, a paper will have to be written weather it is a book report, essay, or even a research paper. It could get difficult to do this on top of your other school work. The reasons to why students plagiarize their papers are because they do not have enough time to write the paper, they must get a good grade on the paper, and they do not understand it. What people do not realize is that if they get caught plagiarizing it could be very serious consequences that could hurt your reputation. MLA is Modern Language Association, it is the most common style of documentation for high school and undergrad. MLA format emphases citations on books, magazines, journals, things with audio, and anthologies. APA is American Psychological Association, APA format has direct quotations, in text citations, and footnotes and endnotes. It is also allowing the author to use verbs in the past tense. The use of these two formats allows your paper not to be plagiarized.
It is very easy for people to get online to buy a paper, or just as easily get someone to write their papers for them. “42 percent said they purchased custom term papers, essays and thesis online. 28 percent said they had a service take their online classes for them” (Farkas). There are many websites where you can purchase a paper, for example is one of them. All it takes is a simple search on Google to find out where to buy a paper from. The cost of a paper is based on when it is due, how long it must be, the level of education from high school to doctoral, and what type of paper it is. “Customers can buy an original paper written on a specific topic for anywhere between $20 and $45 a page, depending on how quickly they need it. So, for example, a five-page custom paper, written and delivered that day, adds up to $225” (Hansen). In college a student can take at least four to six classes depending on their major or how many credits they have. Some students play sports, work, or are in some type of activity which gives them more of a reason to feel the need to plagiarize.
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