Plain And Simple, We Need Heat

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Plain and simple, we need heat!
Heat is a very important part of human life and almost everything around us generates, absorbs, and/or transfers heat. Just to mention a few examples, our bodies generate heat and it increases when we exercise, during the winter we use electricity to power the radiators that will keep us warm, we use heat to warm up our foods, we also get heat from the Sun. As one can see, heat is all around us and we need it, but many of us do not even know what the proper definition for heat is or how or why it even transfers. Therefore, this paper will focus on giving answers to questions that might be though to be simple but there is a whole scientific explanation behind them such as what is heat? How does it transfer? What are some examples of those heat transmission forms?
What is Heat? Before writing the paper, I ask both my sister and husband the above question. They both pretty much gave me the same answer which was heat is something warm or hot, and to be honest that would have been my answer 3 or 4 weeks ago. However, the scientifically defined heat is “the transfer of energy between a system and its environment due to a temperature difference between them” (Serway&Vuille, 2012). Energy is always transferred from an object with higher temperature to one with lower temperature, and this transference of energy as heat will continue until both of the objects have reached the same temperature. An easy example that most physics books and professors
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