Plain Folk Of A Rich Man's War

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Plain Folk in a Rich Man’s War is a narrative of the Civil War in Georgia from the perspective of those who were not a part of the elite planter class. As opposed to focusing on the war from the romanticized Lost Cause viewpoint championed by mainstream media, this book tells the often glossed over struggles of the tenant farmers, sharecroppers, and other poor whites who supplied much of the Confederacy’s fighting force. The war-time experiences of these “plain folk” is broken up into three main sections: the actions of the Confederate government and the planter class, the plain folk’s responses to these actions during the war, and how this chain of circumstances ultimately led to the downfall of the Confederacy and Union victory in the Civil War. In doing so, this book bridges a significant gap in the literature by illuminating an aspect of the war usually overshadowed by the idea that the Confederacy, composed of genteel southern gentlemen and their belles, was united behind Jefferson Davis from secession until surrender at Appomattox. A cursory examination of popular culture will reveal a very rosy picture of life in the southern United States even today. The summers are hotter, the tea is sweeter, and the conversation is slower. We pride ourselves on hospitality and moss-draped sycamore trees. The Civil War, more commonly known below the Mason-Dixon as “the War of Northern Aggression”, is talked about as though it was the end of a way of life longed to be

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