Plain Language In Health Care

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The use of plain language helps to make the information easier for patients and health care providers to comprehend. Changing complex terms with plain language allows for a better understanding of what the information is being said. Explaining things that are too complicated for a patient to understand can lead to many misunderstandings. The literacy level of each person is different, so having the same use of terms will help the patients and health care providers to be on the same page. From an organizational level, plain language can be used as a strategy in hospitals or health system because when a health care provider is speaking to a patient, they should use words that are easy to understand. It is very easy and harmful to make medical mistakes when both parties cannot communicate on the same level. Replacing complex terms such as myocardial infarction to heart disease can help the patient understand the term more. Another example would be replacing the term “angina pectoris” to “chest pain.” Changing medical terms will…show more content…
There are many public service announcements, advertisements, or paid social marketing that target the health field. Methods that are used in other industries that can be use in hospitals is the emergence of new technology. Technology that offer easier communication to health providers and their patient. It will also enable them to learn skills that are needed in their daily lives or future jobs. Social media has also taken a huge toll on hospitals and health systems. Generally, social media is used to communicate things outside of the work field. Today, it is use to communicate messages about current and new issues. Overall, the methods of media is one of the innovation that helps to improve communication in the health care field. It allows easy understanding through the healthcare providers and its

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