Plan Do Check Act ( Pdca )

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Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) Throughout history there has been development and implementations of methodologies that will allow faster dissemination of quality control. Some methods and tools have provided knowledge and sustainability to the system more than others. This is the case of PDCA initially introduce by Dr. Walter Shewhart in the 1920’s and revolutionize by Dr. W. Edwards Deming in 1950’s as a methodology to increase quality. Deming introduce Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle as a learning and improvement methodology (Ransom, 2008). Under this methodology Deming emphasize on the importance of continuous improvement and visualizing the manufacturing industry as a system that can be improve. Ever since the introduction of PDCA cycle other performance enhance methodologies after this one have some basic relation to PDCA. PDCA is broken down in steps as means to make it easy for practitioners to implement. First we start with P, which stands for “Plan”. Under this phase objectives, questions, predictions, and plans to implement the cycle takes place (Who?, What?, When?, and Where?) (Ransom, 2008). Second we move to “Do,” this phase is specifically developed for the purpose of education, plan implementation, documentation of problems and observations, and data analysis. At this stage the team using this cycle can change, try out, expose, and/or cancel the plan if there is evidence that will make it unsuccessful. Next we move to the third phase “Check” under this par, plan
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